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At the transformation of the Organization of African Unity(OAU) into the African Union (AU), Heads of Governments of AU committed even more strongly to promotion of democracy and good governance in Member States, and hence, democratic elections. This was a calculated response to the emerging threats to peace and security in the continent which, in the past two decades, have tended to emanate predominantly from elections and political transitions; and which in some cases have led to armed conflicts or full blown civil wars.

As part of this commitment and following the approval of the Assembly of Heads of States and Governments of the OAU of the Declaration on the Principles Governing Elections in Africa, at its 38th extra-ordinary Session held in Durban South Africa, the Democracy and Electoral Assistance Unit (DEAU) was created by the Executive Council of the African Union Commission in 2006 to be domiciled in within the Department of Political Affairs and with the broad mandate of not only coordinating and organizing the participation of the African Union in the observation of elections, but also implementing the African Union Commission’s program for the promotion of democracy and democratic elections in the continent as enshrined in the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance, vis a vis the enhancement of the national electoral processes of Member States of the African Union through the provision of technical and electoral assistance to Election Management Bodies of Member States of the African Union.
The DEAU carries out the above mandates through a variety of programmes conceived, designed and implemented by a team of experts and professionals in the Unit backed by a host of international partners.

This DEAU website, which is interactive, provides readers with numerous information regarding the technical assistance programmes of the DEAU to EMBs in Africa; election observer missions of the African Union as well as Reports of Observers; Trainings Programmes of the DEAU; Field Operations as well as a database of EMBs in Africa. It also provides readers with opportunity to send comments and feedbacks to the Unit as well as access for EMBs to interact with each other on issues of importance on the Blog portal. We wish you pleasant and fruitful experience as you browse through. You are welcome!

H.E. Amb. Aisha Abdullahi

Commissioner, Political Affairs